Yale Alumni Decarbonization Challenge reference material --

This is an updated video review on climate for Yale alumni and students (additional suggestions welcome):


1. The statistician Hans Rosling with a clear overview, 3 min., 19 sec.


2. A quiet one that adds detail. Sir John Beddington, Chief Scientific Advisor for the British government, speaking to the Royal Society (2/12/13). At 10:50, you can see the 'National Risk Registry of the UK.' Second half is more hard hitting. 24 min. For a faster paced version of similar info, SKIP THIS AND GO TO #3 BELOW:


3. SciShow on climate. Similar story in 10 min instead of 24 min.

Interesting at the end (10:00), he hopes for social scientists to help him change his ways. Perhaps this is an "I will if you will" scenario -- which shows why the whole society (or large groups of it) have to change at once.


4. This American Life (1 hour); this episode follows three efforts to communicate about climate change.




Additional pieces:

5. PBS Newshour report from after Doha (12/3/12).



6. MIT-trained engineer Saul Griffith explains the energy picture and his own goals in decarbonizing his lifestyle.



7. A kid in Nepal decarbonizes his family. (One of my favorites, which I came across as we producing the one below in an NYT contest.)


8. This video was made for our AAC/NYT contest in explaining the risk of climate change. Matthew Shapiro, the filmmaker, was an undergrad at NYU, and he brought the MIT probability wheels up to a middle school in Washington Heights to see what 6th graders might have to say about them. Mark Lynas' book "Six Degrees" supplied the information about what each higher temperature would mean. Matthew thought it would be a good opportunity to teach about how conservation is important, but it turned out the kids mostly rooted for the wheels to land on the worst number possible.



More policy and science:

9. Kevin Anderson, engineer and climate advisor to the UK, describes with exasperation how governments haven't met their own targets, and have not leveled with the public either.





10. Physicist Klaus Lackner (Columbia)




11. Daniel Schrag (Yale B.S. '88), Director, Harvard Center for the Environment | Garrison Institute "Climate Preparedness" (32 min)




12. The Five Thousand Pound Life: Climate Change in the American Mind | Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication| October 2, 2013 | 17:14


13. Eric Holthaus (via NPR) 3:29


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